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Project Description

Photo by M. Benvenuti


AeroLab is a research infrastructure focused on ecosystems monitoring with drones (UAV) platforms.
AeroLab is currently certified for UAV operations in non-critical areas.
State of the art payloads are deployed, consisting of imaging spectral remote sensing, hyperspectral devices, gas-compounds sensors.


A set of methodologies, analysis and processes for a site-specific crop management. Precision Agriculture samples the spatial variability of a cropping system and considers the ensemble of units that differs in terms of soil, microclimate and morphology and therefore need to be managed specifically. A vineyard or a corn-field, turn out to be the combination of many small plots cultivated with the same crop. This heterogeneity can be managed to maximize the agronomic potential in terms of yield, quality and sustainability of productions.
Canopy biomass and structural properties, are retrieved with the Laser Scanner technology. A scanning laser penetrates the canopy allowing a complete 3-D reconstruction of the structure and geometry. Low cost laser technologies originated in the automotive industry are developed and optimized for agroforestry use on board UAV.
Customized spectroradiometers were especially developed to measure radiances at very high spectral resolution (0.2 nm) in the oxygen absorption bands to detect sun induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) emisison, as a proxy of photosynthesis.
Ecosystems and the biosphere interact with the atmosphere by exchanging energy (sensible, latent and soil heat fluxes) and mass (greenhouse gases, pollutants, volatile organic compounds). Trace gas measuring capability is actually focused on searching the optimal compromise between sensors accuracy and weight, developing devices that can be installed on UAV.


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