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Sustainable development and effective environmental policies are key to ensure public safety and health. People feel safer in their cities when national and local government are clearly committed with a better environmental governance, building public trust and transparency. Environmental monitoring is a driving force to set up continuous information services able to provide input for spatial decision support systems. SensorWeb Hub is a real-time Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and web interface that seeks to tackle this challenge: setting up an open sensing and participative approach for urban environmental monitoring.


Data have still a low interoperability, due to a lack of policy coordination and “closed” data infrastructures. But data, may be made available from different sources, as local and national infrastructures could be positively integrated by a participatory involvement of diverse stakeholders, including citizens, and other sensors, networks.

Project Aim

The overall aim is to share a participatory monitoring tool for the collective environmental mapping. Through General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) technology, the sensor transmits geolocated data on environment and air quality to the data server connected to the applications and web server, and real time observations will be visualized in a web browser. The whole system will meet the OpenData approach, and will be compliant with geospatial standards throughout the entire process flow: from sensor data acquisition to web visualization.